Balanced Learning Center

Family & Professional Support

Parent Support Groups

O.A.S.I.S. (Outreach for Active Support & Information Sharing)

Parenting is an amazing experience but it is also hard! Add in challenges related to developmental issues and behavioral health needs and it can be a lonely road. Come chat with parents who are also on this journey. This is a place to:   · find support · learn about resources · share triumphs · find a safe place to vent · form new friendships   

Educational Coordination and Coaching

Sometimes our children need additional support in school in order to be successful. Our educational coordinator will meet with families to review their concerns for their child and their current academic progress, review records including work samples, progress reports, evaluations, and educational plans as well as provide recommendations. Families may also receive support in initiating and understanding the special education evaluation process and request attendance at meetings. Plans are developed on an individual basis so please contact us for more information!